Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Daily Douchebag!

This Blog is to recognize all the people in your life that you consider a Douchebag! Whether its your boss, co-worker, someone you just met or regularly see, no matter who it is we want to know about them. This is your opportunity to express your opinion on those certain people.

So heres how you do it...

Step 1: Get a picture of your Douchebag!
Step 2: Without any names being mentioned let us know why you consider them your douchebag.
Step 3: E-mail me the photo and your reasoning at

If your photo and explanation are chosen you will be notified by email....But wait there is more!

You will also be presented with an Official Douche Bag of the Day Certificate (I will post a photo later), you will be able to either keep this for yourself or you can give it to that special Douchebag!